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17.08.2015 PALACE OF MACHNÁČ, Bratislava

Machnáč residence offers housing in the lucrative part of Bratislava. Our company won the contract for 79 fire exterior aluminum windows back in the last autumn. The windows were delivered in the fixed version with double glazing and frosted window film. The fire resistance level of these windows is EI 45. Currently, we are finishing the works.

15.07.2015 Draždiak Residence, Bratislava

Draždiak residence boasts with a unique housing on the lake shore in a popular part of Petržalka. Part of the building consists of 115 pieces of our steel doors, of which 61 pieces are also partly glazed. All doors are fire-resistant with the fire resistance ranging from SCto EI45 and in the higher standard and design. The final delivery of the works took place in late June 2015.

24.06.2015 St. Elisabeth Cancer Institute, Bratislava

St. Elisabeth Cancer Institute in Bratislava is our next project. The project features 36 of our mostly wooden non-fire resistant doorsIn addition to wooden doors, we supplied the aluminum fire-restistant wallWorks took place in May-June 2015, and the project was put into use in late June 2015.


Our company will support one of the most important international tennis events in Slovakia for one more time! Mid June kicks off 13th annual tournament Challenger Tour in Poprad, led by tournament director Miloslav Mečíř - Olympic champion andcaptain of the Slovak Davis Cup team. Our most successful coach Marian Vajda occupies management position. Thanks to his experience and contacts in the world tennis the tournament gets even more prestigious. More about the event can be found at www.tenista.sk

21-25.04 2015 World Selects Invitational

From 21st to 25th  April, Ondrej Nepela Arena in Bratislava holds a WSI tournament (World Selects Invitational tournament) - Slovak hockey players under 15 years -  and we are happy that we are a golden partner of the sporting event! This uniquehockey project organized by Legacy Global Sports has been in Slovakia since 2012.

More info about the program and the results can be found at: www.legacyglobalsports.com/worldselectsinvite

17.4.2015  Doors delivery - CITY ARENA TRNAVA

Trnava City Arena opens its doors for sports fans and visitors by the end of August and we are very pleased that our products will be part of this construction

We acquired the contract in February 2015, and the completion date is scheduled for July 2015. The delivery consists of 337 wooden fire and non-fire resistantdoors, 4 aluminum fire doors and 309 steel fire and non-fire resistant doors. The total number of doors supplied and installed accounts to 650 pieces. Defined fireresistance for individual fire designs in this project ranges from EW30 to EI 60. Fire doors shall be equipped with self-closing Assa Abloy DC 140 and some doors are also equipped with panic hardware Smart. More about the project: http://www.cityarenatrnava.sk/projekt

8.4.2015 BAUHAUS, Bratislava

The store chain began construction of its first shopping mall in Slovakia last year in Pharos shopping area located in the eastern part of Bratislava. Our company has been contracted in December 2014. We supplied 24 fire and non-fire resistant steel doors of the total area of 95 m2. Our works were completed in March 2015. You will be able to open the doors of this new shopping mall already in June 2015.

10.3.2015 Medical Sciences Pavilion, SAS - Bratislava

In November 2014, we completed the delivery of our structures for Medical Sciences Pavilion SAV, which is located at Dúbravská cesta in Bratislava. We delivered steel fire and non-fire resistant doors, wood fire and non-fire resistant doors and fire aluminum windows. The delivery consisted of 1,014 units with a total area of 2,363 m2.The start of operation is planned for May 2015.

10.2.2015 Bory Mall, Bratislava

A new shopping and entertainment center BORY MALL was opened in November 2014 in Bratislava.  We had delivered the first part of the door supply already in July 2014. The supply consisted mostly of solid steel fire doors. Overall, we have delivered 1 250 m2 of steel doors, 12 m2 of aluminum windows with fire resistance EI 90 and 74 m2 of wooden doors. The works were completed in October 2014.

4.2.2015 CONSTRUCTION CONFERENCE, Bratislava  

HASIL company, as one of the leaders in comprehensive fire safety of buildings, has became a partner of the professional event – Construction Conference 2015.

On February 4th, the congress hall in Saffron hotel is going to be filled with professionals from the construction and real estate business. Professional architects’ lectures and two panel discussions will be a part of Construction Conference 2015 program.

Architect Jiří Řezák from QARTA architecture has gladly accepted an invitation to speak about Design-to-cost - a new method of design or just a fashion? Young architects Michal Ganobjak and Vladimir Hain will present their project – renovation of municipal power plant in Piešťany which was nominated for a CEZAAR 2014. Milan Oleríny from MP Consulting will talk about projects’ evaluation criteria. The main topics of the panel discussions will be pre-investment project preparation, project documentation, tender for a general contractor of a construction, cost management, and many others. Several experts will speak about their opinions and views, namely Igor Mazúch from HB Reavis, Ján Krnáč from CRESCO GROUP a.s., Radek Pšenička from YIT Reding a.s., Elena Szolgayová from MDVRR, Paul Kukura from SKGBC, architect Stanislaus Dukat and many others.

More information about the program, speakers and other registration options can be found at www.informslovakia.sk. There are also names of already registered conference participants.

Source: Jana Mujkošová, In Form Slovakia, s.r.o.

15.12.2014 Westend Quadrant, Bratislava

Westend Quadrant is part of the business zone Westend located near the city center. Our works on this building started in May 2014 and were completed in September 2015. We mostly delivered steel fire doors and non-fire doors with a total area of 750 m2 of witch 75 m2 were partially glazed doors. In addition to the steel doors we also supplied glazed wooden fire-resistant walls with a total area of 185 m2 and also wooden fire doors. The works were completed in November 2014.

8.10.2014 Matador Holding, Bratislava

The property of Matador Holding Bratislava is located in the industrial area. During its renovation we supplied aluminum fire doors EI 30 and EI 45. Steel non-fire resistant and fire doors were supplied in smaller amount. In addition to doors, we also supplied fire retardant textile blinds. The total area of structures supplied was more than 100 m2. The project took place from May to August 2014.

1.5.2013 RD System Hungary has become official sales representative of Hasil s.r.o. in Hungary. Aim of this cooperation is to strenghten the position of Mercor Group in Central Europe as well as offering procfessional solutions and wide range of products for passive fire protection to the Hungarian market.

We have successfully completed certification for steel sliding doors MCR TLB for the Hungarian market. Certifications have been issued by accredited company EMI Budapest.

In year 2013, Hasil Slovakia is celebrating our 15th anniversary.

Candidates will be interviewed until 30 November, 2011. The selected applicant would start working in the position on 1 January, 2012.



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